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My wife Sara and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience at PureMix Studios. The level of professionalism I received from Troy Henry and Alex Anders in their respective areas of expertise was amazing! The state of the art studio and equipment combined with the technical engineering proficiency created a very comfortable atmosphere to be artistically expressive. My countless conversations with Troy and Alex on various topics left me with a plethora of information to consider as I pursue the projects that God has called me to do. The amazing efficiency of Alex with the sound engineering combined with my personal preparation assisted greatly in making this a reasonably budget friendly project…. Thank you Alex for utilizing your awesome mixing and guitar skills to contribute to this project. Thank you Troy for your endless amounts of extremely helpful information and your passion to see God glorified through excellence in the projects created at PureMix Studios. I’m already thinking about the next project….

Michael Thorsby

I had the tremendous blessing of being associated with PureMix Studios in the development of my CD project “Freedom…Joybeat”. The professionalism of the team was always pleasant. It is important for a worship musician to be in the right setting and atmosphere in order to be at 100 percent. Troy Henry and Alex Anders put together a phenomenal piece of work considering my budget and placed a strong emphasis on attention to detail. I look forward to many more projects with PureMix Studios!

William Johnson

I would like to express on behalf of myself and the band what a wonderful and awesome experience we had with PureMix Studios. The fellowship, knowledge, and professionalism that were extended to us by you and your staff into this project is clearly portrayed on the final outcome of the CD. I have had a vision of this project for many years, and never had a clue of what a major variable that a recording company and an experienced engineer would have in the outcome of this CD. I express total gratitude to the spiritual focus upon which you include in your work as well. A project of this magnitude does not come without costs, and we are grateful for being able to partake in the services offered by PureMix Studios and the [donations] fund. The band sent out letters as one would do if participating in a mission trip to raise money, and we raised over $13,000 in 7 months. It is truly a blessing to us and our ministry, and without it this goal would have been much less possible. I appreciate the screening process that is in place to be sure that the fund is set toward a goal of ministry for the participants. Our experience was beyond words. It was clear that PureMix was very interested in our spiritual growth and well being as a band, and as individuals. I would like to express my thanks to Troy Henry for pouring as much of his heart into this project in 8 months as I have in the 6 years, and the band in the last 2 years of compiling this CD compilation. Thanks also to the professionalism and willingness of Alex Anders for his care and concern of the project, and all of the consultations and extras he willingly gave us. Pure mix held our hand and guided us from the first step into the studio, and so much more beyond the studio to design, mastering, and duplication. Thank you and I pray that God will continue His hand upon your ministry, and that it will continually move to the ends of the earth. “If you are looking for a mix, be sure it is PureMix.

Entrusted Band

My experience with PureMix Studios has been nothing less than “pure joy” and “pure pleasure.” Troy Henry and Alex Anders are both highly competent and professional project managers and sound engineers, but their qualifications go far beyond the realms of sound and recording. They both exhibit defining characteristics of their Savior Jesus Christ in their spirit of humility and servant-hood. They treated me and my choir’s project as if we were the most important clients they had and went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we left PureMix with a product that we could be proud of. And oh how proud we are of the finished product!!! PureMix Studios is truly a ministry at heart. We were given the opportunity to record with “state of the art” equipment and a multi-faceted knowledge base at the cost of what you’d expect to pay at an entry level studio. Such equipment, experience and expertise doesn’t come cheaply in the world of recording, but Pure Mix makes it available in order to spread the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven. Their commitment to offer recording excellence at a cost that the average client can afford reveals the “pure motives” of PureMix Studios. Troy and Alex, I cannot say thank you enough for making our experience at PureMix such “pure delight.” You have been instruments of God’s provision and grace and we will be returning time and again in the future, as well as recommending you to everyone! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Rev. Jeremy Henderson
First Church of the Nazarene