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Do you wish that you could have a larger budget for your next project? Well, we can help with that!

Our Donations Program has helped numerous Christian artists raise the necessary funds for every aspect of their project...recording, mixing, mastering, graphics, photography, and duplication...ALL PAID IN FULL!

Along with our non-profit ministry partner, we have developed a program that allows your supporters to make tax deductible donations towards project funding. This program will also provide a means for your music to be part of our Christian Media Outreach, which puts music in the hands of those in need.

Contact us today for more information and to obtain an application.


"A project of this magnitude does not come without costs, and we are grateful for being able to partake in the services offered by PureMix Studios and the [donations] fund. We raised over $13,000 in 7 months. It is truly a blessing to us and our ministry, and without it, this goal would have been much less possible. I appreciate the screening process that is in place to be sure that the fund is set toward a goal of ministry for the participants."

- Joe White, Entrusted Band

"Thank you, Lord.  Our funding program has been a huge blessing to many artists and to those who have heard the message of the gospel through their music"

- Troy Henry, Owner of PureMix Studios